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Blusol is now Strikesol!


Shield your feet from extreme heat and cold with temperature-regulating Strikesol inserts.
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Super Performance Insoles

Space Age Materials

Strikesols are crafted from the same materials NASA uses to shield astronauts from the extreme temperatures of space.

SlimStrike™ Construction

At a mere 3mm thin, Strikesol delivers maximum impact with minimal notice ensuring unhindered performance.

Polyfit Design

Strikesols are designed to adapt to any footprint from sports and military to construction and outdoor.

ClimAdapt Build

From scorching turf to frigid fields, Strikesol regulates temperature inside your shoe to keep you comfortable.

FlexiFit Architecture

Every Strikesol insert can be easily trimmed to your exact specifications with zero affect on your shoe size.

Peak Performance

Play or operate in comfort, reduce heat blisters, and lower injury risk all with Strikesol inserts.
Strikesol Insert Profile View
Introducing Strikesol: The ultimate solution for year-round foot comfort and protection. Our innovative adhesive inserts fit seamlessly into any cleat, shoe, or boot. Our advanced heat-regulating technology reduces heat transfer from scorching surfaces and provides essential insulation against cold, ensuring comfort in all environments. Whether you’re an athlete, military member, first responder, or outdoor enthusiast, Strikesol adapts to your needs. Our inserts offer consistent foot comfort across various terrains and temperatures. Demand for versatile foot protection has been unmet for too long, but Strikesol provides unparalleled comfort and protection for every step, in every condition.
Rafa Garcia

Rafa Garcia

Playing on turf for the past two seasons in the middle of summer can take a toll on your feet. Strikesol has made a huge difference! It has prevented blisters and helps my feet from burning at training and on game day allowing me to stay on top of my game
Daniel Steres

Daniel Steres

These absolutely save my feet on those hot summer mid day games on turf, like at Portland or Seattle. Those fields used to tear my feet up by the end of the game. Now, with Strikesol, no feet issues, and all my focus stays on the game at hand.

Shalrie Joseph

When you’re training and coaching all day on turf and other surfaces, you have to make sure your feet stay cool. Get yourself some Strikesol Heatshield inserts for your shoes!
Dave Romney

Dave Romney

These make a noticeable difference when playing on hot days. I played on turf in college for 4 years and would have dreamed to have these back then. Also day games in Seattle & Portland, half the guys come off the field with blisters in the locker room, Strikesol is something that can help at every level
Hunter Gorskie

Hunter Gorskie

If you’ve trained or played matches on a hot surface in the summer, you know how uncomfortable that can be in a pair of cleats. Strikesol is the perfect solution for me to eliminate that distraction and stay focused on the game.

A Technological Feat for all Feet


Strikesol reduces in-shoe temperatures by up to 30º giving any athlete a maximum edge on their field of play.


Strikesols are built as tough as our service men and women, and help keep them in peak operating form.

First Responders

Strikesol are made for the frontline, and help keep first responders cool in the heat of the moment.


Weather out the weather whether your job requires standing, walking, or running with Strikesol temperature-regulation.

Stay in Striking Distance

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    Actual Surface Temperature When The Air Is 94ºF

    0 °F
    0 °F
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    Using Strikesol inserts can drop the internal temperature of your shoe by up to 30°.