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My kids are my inspiration.

Our Story

In 2008 while coaching at Stanford University I became the DOC of the Palo Alto Soccer Club. The club trained and played most of the games on Turf Fields. When it was hot outside the turf would heat up and I noticed players walking on their tippy toes, heels, standing on one leg and pouring water on their feet. The water only complicated the issue because now the players feet were hot and the water on sweaty feet led to blisters. I went online and looked for solutions but could not find any.

Years later my children began playing soccer and when they played on turf they started complaining and telling me “Dad my feet burn”. As a coach you try and solve problems, now the problem was affecting my kids. I again went online and looked for a solution and came up empty. I then decided I needed to create my own solution for this problem. It started basic at first, I tried foil, so many different types of foil. Then I went to different fabrics, then I tried paints, reflective tapes, socks and combinations of all of the above.

My testing was state of the art. I bought a crock pot and filled it with sand. I bought a laser thermometer and grabbed some of my kids old cleats. I started measuring the heat in the sand and the different heat in the shoes with different combinations. Finally with some help from John, Greg, Marc, Erik (brother) and the support of my family and friends the Strikesol Heat Shield Insert was brought to life. This truly is a family business because without all the help and support Strikesol would still be a thought in my head and a problem for my kid’s feet and other people’s feet across the country.

I took the soles out of the crock pot and headed to the turf. I looked like a crazy person walking soccer fields with cleats on and a laser thermometer in one hand. We ran test after test and created prototype after prototype. We put the soles in soccer players shoes, lacrosse players, football players, tennis players, runners, firemen, policemen, soldiers and construction workers. I wanted to know how they performed and what different people of all ages thought.

I am fired up to say that the Strikesol Heat Shield Insert works. It helps prevent feet from burning. The results vary based on the outside temperature, temperature of the surface and type of footwear you are wearing. However the Strikesol Heat Shield Insert helps prevent your feet from burning.

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