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The Uses of Strikesol

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Strikesol is an adhesive insert that can be applied to any cleat, shoe, or boot. Using Nasa and military-grade material Strikesol gives relief to the feet and body. Strikesol reduces the heat of the ground whether that be asphalt, dirt, or turf from transferring into your feet. Strikesol protects your feet from injuries such as blisters, turf burns, and general discomfort. There has always been a need for a product like this and it’s finally here!

Here are the ways Strikesol inserts are currently being used:


The surface of synthetic turf has been found to be 40 to 70 degrees hotter than the surface air around it. This extreme heat can cause shoes to melt, blisters, turf burn and can even induce dehydration and heatstroke. Protecting athletes from this heat is profoundly important for the health of the athlete and helps them stay on the field longer. An athlete’s feet are one of the most important parts of their body and Strikesol inserts are the first line of defense in having healthy feet. 


Military personnel are required to endure some of the most physically draining training in the world. Hundreds of hours of running and hiking in the hot sun will undeniably take a toll on the body and mind of any person. From 2008 to 2018 cases of dehydration and heatstroke increased by 60%. Strikesol inserts can protect the feet of these soldiers as they continue to train at extreme intensities and can protect those soldiers who are deployed to areas like Afghanistan where temperatures have been seen to get up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Construction Worker

Construction workers or workers’ professions that leave you vulnerable to the effects of the sun commonly suffer from the same injuries and discomfort found both in soldiers and athletes. Construction workers are notoriously tough and work in tough conditions. Despite the stereotypes, construction workers should not be forced to deal with blisters and the discomfort of working on a construction site all day. Strikesol provides relief to these injuries and allows you to complete your work faster without the mental drain of discomfort in your feet.

The Effects of Heat

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Almost every athlete has to train in the heat of the day, whether that is in or out of the competition, but athletes aren’t the only ones who feel the effects of heat. Military and manual labor workers feel these effects on a daily basis. Only over the last decade have researchers really understood the effects and potential dangers of athletes training in these conditions. 

Here are some effects researchers find most concerning athletes, manual labor workers, and the military. 


When your core temperature increases your blood vessels expand. This causes your heart rate to increase in order to maintain your blood pressure. If your cardiovascular system is compromised, it could affect oxygen delivery. 


Heat both directly and indirectly affects muscle. There is an accumulation of metabolites and an increased rate of glycogen breakdown. Heat also causes damages to the skin such as turf burn, and blisters. These types of injuries can be very painful and can even take someone out of work or competition. 


Heat affects an athlete’s motivation, pain tolerance, mood, and discomfort. All these things can affect a person’s physical performance. In terms of military, or construction workers this could be dangerous where there is a present danger at almost all times. 


As your core body temperature increases, your brain temperature also increases. This causes changes in the brain like fuel depletion and changes in neurotransmitters. These changes may alter your brain function. Effects such as these can prove to be dangerous in work environments such as construction sites


BluSol inserts allow athletes at all levels to play comfortably, and not feel those negative effects of heat. Built with Nasa grade material, BluSol inserts drop the temperature between the ground surface and show 30 degrees, and protect your feet from blisters and turf burn. BluSol inserts are perfect for athletes, manual labor workers, and the military. 

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Summer Asphalt & Burnt Feet

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Summer Asphalt & Burnt Feet

Every summer there are to thing you can count on. More working outside, and hot asphalt. Every year, thousands of people across the country suffer from 1st & 2nd-degree burns due to hot asphalt.

In some places such as Arizona, asphalt can get as hot at 220-degree Fahrenheit! So what do people who outside all day do to keep their feet from burning? It’s something most people don’t think.

When working outside job, such as construction,  you are required to wear heavy hot boots, as well as work on extremely hot asphalt, concrete, and other materials. Even with top quality boots, the heat from the ground will slowly make its way into your boots.

After 4-5 hours of working, a construction worker can have an average of 35-45-degree increase in the temperature inside of their shoes! So what do workers do to keep their feet cool and safe from burns?

Strikesol’s Heat Sheild Inserts have been tested on these type of conditions, and have shown to decrease the temperature inside of a worker’s shoes by an average of 32-degrees Fahrenheit! That enough of a decrease to protect the bottoms of your feet from getting burned by the hot ground.

Father’s Day is coming up, and we can all think of someone who works outside on their feet throughout the summer. Why not give them something that will not only protect their feet this summer but will also keep them cool through their long work hours?

Pick up your pair of Strikesol Heat Sheild Inserts today!